VMware - Configuring additional IPs [Windows]

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This document takes in consideration that the host server network interface is configured with the following network configuration

  • Primary IP: <your primary ip address>
    Gateway: <your primary ip address gateway>
  • Secondary IP: <your secondary ip address>
    Gateway: <your primary ip address gateway>:

The secondary IP is crucial since it acts as a gateway for the virtual machine, in this case we used the first IP of the range.

Step 1. Enable bridged network configuration on virtual network interfaces

  1. Open Start->Program Files->Vmware->Vmware server->Manage Virtual network
  2. Open the Automatic bridging tab
  3. Uncheck the automatic bridging
  4. Open the Host Virtual Network Mapping tab
  5. In the vmnet0 drop down menu select the interfaces which is configured with your primary address
  6. Close the virtual network manager
  7. Open Start->Program Files->Vmware->Vmware server-> Vmware server
  8. Within the summary of the vm set the network interface for each vm to bridged

Step 2. Configure vm virtual network interfaces

  1. Open the vm you wish to configure
  2. Open Start->Network Connections (within the vm)
  3. Configure the network interface with one of your secondary ip address (except the secondary ip you are using on the main host):
  • IP: <another secondary ip address>
    Gateway: <the main host secondary ip address>

Step 3. Enable routing and remote access

Mare sure the windows firewall is disabled.

Routing and Remote access must be enabled on the main host as well as the vm's

  1. Open Start->Administrative Tools->Routing and Remote access
  2. Right-click on the server
  3. Select Configure and Enable Routing and Remote access
  4. Select Custom configuration, click next
  5. Select LAN Routing, click next
  6. Click Finish
  7. Make sure the service is started

Update: Since September 2012, iWeb provides a /28 range of primary IP. It allows you to use the same gateway for the VM as well as the host itself in bridge mode.


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