Activate IP-Forwarding on the physical server for a specific network interface

The activation of the IP Forwarding option is sometimes required in order to communicate with virtual machines installed on an Hyper-V server. Follow these steps to activate this option on your physical server :

1- Using Remote Desktop, connect to your server

2- Launch Powershell


3- Type the command


4- Enter "IPv4" in the context

interface ipv4

5- Then

show interfaces


This command will display the list of network cards , loopback cards and virtual switches configured on your server.

The first results column contains the indexes "Idx" of each of the network cards.

6- The next command will let you display the details for the network interface of your choice.

Replace <Idx> by the ID of the network card of your choice

show interface <Idx>


7- To activate the IP Forwarding option for the ID "Idx = 19" interface, execute:

set interface 19 forwarding="enabled"



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