Activate IP-Forwarding on the physical server for a specific network interface

In certain situations, it is necessary to activate a network card’s "IP Forwarding" option in order to be able to communicate with the virtual machines installed on a Hyper-V virtualization server. Use the following steps to activate this option on your physical server.


1- Connect to your server via Remote Desktop.

2- Launch the command editor PowerShell.


3-  Type in the command: 


4- Enter in the context "IPv4".

interface ipv4

5- Then 

show interfaces

This command will display the list of network cards, loopback cards and virtual switches configured on your server.

The command’s first column of results contains the Indexes "Idx" of each network card.

6- Use the following command to display the details of the network interface of your choice .

Replace <Idx> with the ID of the network card of your choice. For example: 

show interface <Idx>



7- To activate the "IP Forwarding" option for the interface with the ID "Idx = 19", run the command:

set interface 19 forwarding="enabled"



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