Resetting root passwords with a KVM/IP

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These instructions apply to Classic Linux servers only. If you have a Smart Server, please create a technical ticket.

If you have recently lost your root password, it is still possible to reset it without opening a ticket. First, you will need to order a KVM/IP from your Customer Hub. A KVM/IP is a tool that directly relays the monitor and keyboard/mouse signals from your server through the Internet. It is often used as a form of backup access to a server - even when the server's networking is down, the KVM/IP will always work.

In the Support Center, select the affected server, and then select 'KVM / IP Installation'.

(For more information on how to open a technical ticket, please consult the KB guide on Opening a Technical Ticket.)

On the new page, select the contact you wish to receive the login details. Then select a date - please note that KVM/IPs are a free courtesy service that we offer, but only with 24 hours of notice. In urgent cases, KVM/IPs can be ordered with less than two hours' notice, but will require a fee of $35.

If you have a ticket open for your server, you can optionally enter the number here.

Finally, click submit. You will receive an email containing the login details to your KVM/IP once it is ready.

When your KVM/IP is ready, you will receive the login details by email.  After connecting to your server, reboot your server into Single Mode. In Single Mode, you will be able to change your password using the 'passwd' command:

#passwd root


To reboot in single user mode, please use this link:

This will bring up a prompt to change the password of the root account. You will need to enter it twice to confirm. Then, all you need to do is reboot and verify that your root password has been changed.


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