Introduction to Mirroring and Backup Disaster Recovery strategies

iWeb facilitates and encourages customers to select the appropriate backup solution for their needs. Several complimentary technologies are available to iWeb customers; local mirroring, Idera/R1Soft and Volume Snapshots.

NOTE: Clients are responsible for their own data.

Here are three forms of redundancy:

1) Hardware redundancy (e.g. RAID)

Hardware redundancy, such as RAID is an efficient and economical configuration and is useful when a hard drive fails or is damaged. Though there are many different types of RAID, it is typically used to 'mirror' hard drives. If one hard drive fails, the server will automaticaly switch to the remaining one, until the failed hard disk can be replaced.

Almost all iWeb dedicated servers offer hardware or software RAID. Be sure to provision a dual hard drive server if you require RAID-level redundancy.

2) On-site backups

Several options are available for on-site backups, such as Idera/R1Soft shared and dedicated backups, WHM and Plesk. All of these can be useful for periodic backups and will save your data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

iWeb offers Idera/R1Soft as a shared plan or as a dedicated server. A dedicated backup server can be a more economical solution depending on your needs. Shared and dedicated Idera configurations will back up your data on a separate infrastructure which is ideal for agility and flexibility which is considered best practice.

If you are using a control panel such as cPanel or Parallels Plesk, you may leverage the control panel backup functions. 

Supplemental information is available: Configuring backups with WHM.

3) Off-site backups

Off-site backups are useful in case of catastrophic failure. Although rare, external failures can occur outside of the control of iWeb, such as in the case of a large-scale network failure or a major environmental event. In this case, it is useful to have a copy of your data in your office or at your home, so that you can begin the restoration process as soon as possible.

As off-site backups often involve downloading a great deal of data, these backups (as opposed to on-site backups) can take a great deal of time. If possible, they should be automated and scheduled for times when they will impact your server's performance the least.

iWeb's cloud technology backups (Idera/R1Soft) are configured and stored in a separate data center from our clients' dedicated servers. This means iWeb clients benefit from a version of off-site backups. The data centres are in geographical locations separated by a minimum of 10 kilometres. 



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