iWeb monitoring and proactive maintenance

While iWeb's servers are unmanaged, there are a number of ways that servers are monitored to resolve issues before they become problems. As iWeb is responsible for the state of your hardware, these monitoring services are chiefly involved in ensuring that your server is online and connected to the Internet.


Nagios is iWeb's first line of defense against unexpected server outages. It uses a regular, scheduled 'ping' to see if a server is accessible to the Internet. If Nagios does not receive a response from the server, it automatically sends an email to the contact, whether this is the technical contact associated with your account or our system administrators.

Nagios can be customized to check a variety of different server states, including disk usage and database accessibility. In addition, it can be configured to automatically send alerts to our system administrator team. Please note that additional fees may apply; contact our sales team for information.

Hard Drive Monitoring

If your server is running Linux, it will periodically attempt to check on the health of the hard drives. If the hard drives in your server fail any of a dozen different checks, an email is automatically generated and a technician will log in to your server to perform a check manually.

If your server's hard drive is experiencing problems, iWeb will replace it at no cost to you. A technician will contact you to arrange an appointment for maintenance.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Monitoring

Usually, iWeb does not monitor for DDoS attacks.  However, when a sufficiently large attack occurs, iWeb will deal with the situation in the most efficient way possible.

iWeb does not offer any DDoS mitigation. If there is an attack that affects the larger iWeb network, iWeb reserves the right to null-route IP addresses in order to protect a reasonable quality of service for the greater iWeb community.


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