Ordering a KVM/IP (Classic Servers only)

Expertise level: Easy

A Keyboard-Video-Mouse over IP (KVM/IP) is a specialized tool that sends inputs and outputs from your server through the network exactly as displayed. It is used when a server is not reachable through the network. This might occur if the network card is defective or if the firewall is blocking access.

KVM/IPs are available free from Leaseweb, as a courtesy to our clients. Please note that KVM/IPs are only free with 24-hour notice, in order to ensure availability to all our clients. They are also available on an emergency basis with a fee of $35.

Please note that KVM/IPs are, by default, only available for 24 hours at a time. KVM/IPs can be attached on a permanent basis to a server, at a cost of $75 per month. To order a KVM/IP on a permanent basis, please contact our sales team: sales@ca.leaseweb.com

Leaseweb strongly recommends having a KVM/IP in place before reconfiguring firewalls or networking equipment.

To order a KVM/IP, proceed to your Customer Hub as if to open a technical ticket. In the Categories section, simply select "KVM/IP Installation".


If you need information on how to open a ticket, please view the KB Guide, Opening a Technical Ticket.

When your KVM/IP is ready, our data center technicians will send you the login details.

NOTE: Clients with servers in our Amsterdam, Dallas, Santa Clara or Singapore data centers should request access to the IPMI console. 


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