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System stability and manageability is important to our customers and our internal team.  One of the ways that we ensure stability is by regularly reviewing our current hardware and software offerings and testing to ensure optimal reliability.  From time to time that requires us to remove support for existing technologies.  

Products reach their end of support for a number of reasons: 

  • Diminished demand from existing and new customers
  • Product has been superseded by a newer version
  • Manufacturer support is no longer available
  • Streamlining and standardization of offerings
  • Compatibility with new hardware

 Products are typically depreciated according to the following schedule*: 


End of Sale

Pending end of Support

Within 30 days of  Manufacturer Announcement

End of Sale

Day 0 – Determined by iWeb & Manufacturer

End of Reinstall

90 Days after End of Sale

End of Support

90 Days after End of Reinstall                    

*Applies to all operating system and application software 


End of Sale                          iWeb will no longer sell the software or install it for NEW services.

End of Reinstall                  iWeb will no longer reinstall the software for existing customers.  Any reinstall requests will be done with the new version of the software

End of Support                    iWeb will no longer support this version of the software.  Support requests for this version will be referred back to the customer or third party support as required. 

iWeb offers support for migration to the newer versions. Speak to your Sales Account Manager or Support for more information. 


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