Server outage - Troubleshooting before opening an urgent ticket

Confirm your server / service is down with the following indicators:

  • Display your website(s) on different browsers results in the same error.
  • Connect to your server by SSH or remote desktop (RDP).
  • Use an online service like 'Just Ping'  to confirm if the problem persists or if it is unique to your location (Just Ping will ping your server IP from different locations around the world).

If you are unable to access your web site or connect to your server, we recommend you open a Server Outage ticket. In some cases, rebooting your server will solve the problem (Rebooting servers with WHM). However, if the problem persists after the reboot or if the server fails again shortly afterwards, we do not recommend a second reboot. Open an urgent ticket and stop all operations on the server. Once an urgent ticket is received, our technicians will be able to provide you with a follow up within 15 minutes.

You always have the option of troubleshooting your own server. If you are troubleshooting a Smart Server or a Cloud Server, a free tool called "Virtual Console" is available in your Control Center and acts as a permanent KVM device.

Accessing the virtual console on a Cloud Server

Accessing the virtual console on a Smart Server

If you are troubleshooting a classic dedicated server, you can order an urgent KVM connection. If the KVM or virtual console is not responding as it should, submit an urgent ticket.

Include the following Information with urgent tickets

  • All the login information to connect to your server (root/admin password, ssh/rdp port if not by default, etc).
  • Description of the problem with clear instruction on how to reproduce it (example of websites that are not loading properly, error messages, etc).

Urgent request support scope

Services deemed critical fall within the scope of iWeb's urgent support. Once all critical services are functioning further issues and investigations are prioritized adequately. We do not provide support for website coding or custom configurations.

Urgent ticket cost

There is no cost associated with urgent tickets if the outage is within our terms of service guarantees (hardware, network or power failure). If the reason for the failed server is outside of our terms, the ticket is billed at the same rate as other support requests ($75 per hour - 15 minute minimum). Please review our terms of service:

Situations that require urgent support:

  • Server not reachable: You cannot reach your server by Remote Desktop (Windows) or SSH console (Linux).
  • The control panel is not responding (if installed): You cannot access your control panel interface (whm/cPanel or Plesk panel).
  • Critical services are offline: Http/Php (Apache or IIS), MySQL/Microsoft SQL (databases), DNS services, Network.


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