Changing your server's password

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Changing your password periodically is the most effective way to keep your server secure and protected. The more obscure the password, the more secure the server. Avoid dictionary words and consecutive numbers and be sure to use a combination of letters, numbers and special characters. It is important to never transmit your password by email or instant chat message.

Follow these steps:


  1. Click on "Start", "Administrative Tools", then "Computer Management"
  2. Double-click on "Local Users and Groups"
  3. Click on "Users"
  4. Right-Click on the user you wish to change the password for > Click "Set Password" > Proceed
  5. Enter in the desired password twice > click "OK" to save the changes


With the root privileges, type in:
passwd root
passwd user_name (enter any user name)

Follow the instructions by entering and re-entering your chosen password.


Smart Servers 

If you have a Smart Server, the Control Center is a secure place to store your password.
NOTE:  It is not recommended to change the root password for dedicated (non-Smart) products.

 To keep your record up to date, follow these instructions:

  1. Log into and select your Smart Server
  2. Go to the Server Admin tab and click on Password Information Management
  3. Click on 'View Password' and type over the old password with your new one. 
  4. Click 'Hide'. You can view the new password to confirm the change.





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