Monitoring bandwidth usage

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The entirety of iWeb's dedicated and collocation services have a tool that allows you to monitor your bandwidth usage: the MRTG (Multi router traffic grapher) graphs.

To access the MRTG graphs, follow these instructions given below;

  • Log on to your Customer Hub. 
  • Click on the server for which you need to know the bandwidth usage.
  • Click on "Network usage".

You will then see, illustrated in graphs and in tables, your bandwidth usage updated in real time. You may also review your past month's usage by looking at the table labeled "Network usage history". The usage shown in green shows a time where your server returned/uploaded information (traffic) to a remote host. The usage shown with a blue line shows a time where your server received/downloaded information (traffic) from a remote host.

Note: This procedure only applies to Classic Servers.


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    Pierre-Luc P.

    The instructions are correct but only for the Classic server. Even though this is in our roadmap, Smart and Cloud servers bandwidth usage is not yet available in the customers' interface.

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    Alex Marz

    I believe these instructions are no longer correct

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