Billing cycles

Receiving invoices

Invoices are sent by email to the email address of the principle contact as well as those of the observer and administrative functions in each account. Read this article for more details. Printed invoices can be mailed to the principle contact upon request via customer service ticket

Classic Dedicated Servers, Smart Servers, Colocation Customers, Managed Services subscribers

All invoices are sent 15 calendar days prior to due date. However, once an order is placed, an initial payment must be processed to commence the billing schedule. Once accepted, an initial invoice will be sent. All subsequent invoices will be sent 15 days before payment is due. 

Public Cloud Customers 

Orders will initiate a pre-authorization amount of $55 on the credit card used to purchase the cloud server. Each subsequent payment based on server configuration and usage will be charged at the end of the billing month. Public cloud servers are not eligible for long-term commitment discounts. 



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