Important changes to MS SQL Server licenses - November 29, 2012

Microsoft launched SQL Server 2012 on March 6, 2012. Alongside the launch of the new version, Microsoft also changed its SQL Server licensing. In some cases this means an increase in license prices.

iWeb has provided a grace period of over nine months without modifying our pricing to reflect Microsoft’s changes to the Service Provider License Agreement (SPLA). This is several months more than most other hosting providers who changed their pricing with immediate effect.

However, we will be changing our SQL Server pricing to reflect Microsoft’s new licensing with effect from January 1, 2013.

Microsoft’s licensing changes affect the type of license required to use SQL Server, as well as the number of licenses and the price of the licenses. There is no change to your servers or databases. Only license charges are affected.

A summary of the changes is as follows:

Microsoft no longer sells Datacenter and Workgroup licenses as these editions have been removed from the SQL Server 2012 range. You can continue to use these editions unaffected but licenses must change to an Enterprise or Standard license respectively.
The new licensing is priced based on the number of cores (physical or virtual).

We sincerely apologize for the increase to your license charges. We hope you understand that iWeb, like other hosting providers, is obliged to adhere to Microsoft’s licensing schedule. While we have delayed the changes as long as we feel was possible in order to reduce the burden on our customers, we have no option in the longer term but to make these inevitable changes to the license charges.

For more information about the changes, you can read about SQL Server 2012 on Microsoft’s websitedownload Microsoft’s SQL Server 2012 Licensing Guide or read the SQL Server Licensing article on the iWeb KnowledgeBase.

In line with the 30-day notice period in our Terms & Conditions, the new per-month license charges will apply starting January 2013.

IMPORTANT: Customers requiring SQL Server for virtual instances should contact a sales representative to ensure adequate licensing plans are in place. Please visit for contact details.

Thank you for your understanding.
The iWeb team

How are the changes to my license charges calculated?

Microsoft has removed the Datacenter and Workgroup editions from the SQL Server 2012 range. iWeb now offers three types of SQL Server license, all of which are priced based on the number of cores (physical and virtual), with the lowest band covering 1-4 cores.

The effect on price by license is as follows:
  SQL Server 2005/2008/2008R2 Before January 2013 SQL Server 2012 1 to 4 Cores
After January 2013 
SQL Server 2012 6 Cores
After January 2013
SQL Server 2012 8 Cores
After January 2013
Web $20/mo $20/mo $30/mo $40/mo
Workgroup $69/mo $300/mo $450/mo $600/mo
Standard $250/mo $300/mo $450/mo $600/mo
Enterprise $1,100/mo $1,150/mo $1,725/mo $2,300/mo

*Workgroup edition has been replaced by the Standard edition licensing.

Please note that, regardless of the version of SQL Server that you use, Microsoft requires that your license is a SQL Server 2012 license..



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