Creating email domain forwarders

Expertise level: Easy

What is a domain forwarder?

A domain forwarder redirects all emails from any of your domains to another.

For example, if you setup to redirect to, emails sent to addresses at will be sent to the corresponding user at ( userX@domain1 will be sent to userX@domain2).

 The cPanel procedure:

To set up the email domain forwarder follow this procedure:

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Go to "Mail" section.
  3. Click on "Forwarders".
  4. Go to "Email Domain Forwarders" section.
  5. Click on "Add Domain Forwarder".
  6. Select the domain you want to forward to another domain.
  7. Enter the destination domain in the field (In this case:
  8. Click on "Add Domain Forwarder".


 Please also check the relevant screen captures:












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