Compiling Apache and PHP from WHM

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NOTE: Recompiling through Easyapache may update your Apache or PHP version automatically if the version you are using is unsupported and will overwrite any manual configuration. Check your PHP version here.

WHM provides an "Easy Apache" wizard to configure and recompile Apache and PHP on your server.

To recompile Apache from WHM, follow this procedure:

  1. Login to your WHM as root.
  2. Go to the "Software" section.
  3. Click on "EasyApache (Apache Update)".

Please also check the relevant screen captures:


You will now reach the EasyApache homepage similar to this one:


Select the profile from those listed on the EasyApache '''Profiles''' section. Each profile's functions are briefly explained below:

  • Previously Saved Config (** DEFAULT **): This option loads the last saved configuration. If the configuration is missing, then default values will be provided.
  • Basic : This configuration includes a very basic set of Apache and PHP options.
  • No PHP: This is probably not an option for many web hosting providers. If you are selecting this option, PHP will not be available and php pages will not work.
  • PHP Encryption / E-commerce: This uses the "Basic" configuration and adds the mcrypt encryption library to PHP. This library is often used for encryption for e-commerce.
  • PHP Encryption and Image Manipulation: This uses the "Basic" configuration and adds mcrypt, GD and FreeType libraries to PHP.
  • PHP Image Manipulation: This uses the "Basic" configuration and adds the GD and FreeType libraries to PHP. GD and FreeType are used for image and font manipulation.
  • PHP Security: This profile is the same as the "Basic" configuration with the addition of Mod suPHP for added security measures and tracking for PHP scripts (See for more information about suPHP).

(You can use "PHP Encryption and Image Manipulation" profile in most general cases if you are not sure how to customize Apache using this Wizard.)

After selecting the appropriate profile, two options are available to you:

  • Select ''Build Profile Now'" option: This will start the Apache recompilation, wait until the build is complete.
  • Select "Start customizing based on profile": Choose this option when you need to add some modules to an existing profile or, when creating a custom profile (see procedure below).

To create a custom profile and recompile Apache, please follow this procedure:

  1. Select "Start Customisation based on profile".
  2. Select the Apache version. Click on "Next Step".
  3. Select the PHP version. If you need to run both PHP4 and PHP5 on the server, please select both. Click on "Next Step".
  4. Select the specific version of PHP. Click on "Next Step".
  5. This step is the "Short Options List" mainly for PHP. Select the features you would like to include with Apache and PHP configuration on your server.
  6. Click on "Exhaustive options List".
  7. At this step, you can select the Exhaustive options (For PHP and Apache). This step gives you the complete list of Apache extra features list and PHP extra modules and loaders list. Then you can select the extra modules to be included for your server's Apache and PHP.
  8. Click on the "Save and Build" Button.

Now, the Wizard will start recompiling Apache. Watch the screen carefully and note down if there are any error messages being shown. When the build is complete, verify that the PHP pages are loading correctly.


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