Creating protected access to web directories

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What is a password protected directory?

A web access protected by a username and password are often used for directories that are not to be publicly available.

For example, if you have web statistics, you might not want them to be viewed by anyone but you.

The procedure is done in two steps.

You must first restrict the directory access:

  1. Log on to your cPanel interface.
  2. Click on "Password Protect Directories".
  3. Click on the folder for which you are creating the protected access.
  4. Check the box "Password protect this directory".
  5. Enter a name for your protected directory in the "Name the protected directory" box.
  6. Click on "Save" to submit the modification.

Refer to the screen captures:





Then, you have to create the username and password that will be used to access this folder:

  1. Go back to the protected directory management page.
  2. In the "Create User" section at the bottom of the page, enter a username and a password.
  3. Click on "Add/modify authorized user".

Go through the screen captures: dir4.png



From that point on, you will have a login prompt for the folder in question that will ask for a username and password when accessed on the browser.


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