Activating DomainKeys and SPF through cPanel

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What is Email Authentication?

Email authentication is the adding of enough verifiable information to the emails sent from your domain, so that recipients can recognize the nature of each incoming message automatically.

Enabling email authentication will help prevent the spread of spam.

The methods below helps to prevent forged (spoofed) mail from going in and out of your server. The great benefit of enabling these methods is to prevent mails that appears like it is coming from your domain, but actually being sent from another spamming server (known as "Spoofed" mails).

  • DomainKeys is an email authentication system that allows for incoming mail to be checked against the server it was sent from to verify that the mail has not been modified. This ensures that messages are actually coming from the listed sender and allows abusive messages to be tracked with more ease.
  • SPF will specify which machines are authorized to send email from your domain(s). This means that only mail sent through this server. 

The cPanel Procedure:

  1. Log in to your cPanel interface.
  2. Under "Mail" section, click on "Email Authentication".
  3. Click on "Enable" buttons on DomainKeys and SPF sections in order to activate them.

The SPF and DomainKeys records will be effective once your DNS zone is fully propagated. 


In order for the record you are adding to be effective, you must manage your own DNS zones (The nameservers for the domain must point directly to the server).

Check the relevant screen captures:




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