Adding an IP address to the cPHulk white list

Expertise level: Easy

cPHulk is a security feature in WHM/cPanel. It functions as a type of adaptive firewall. When a particular IP address tries to log in and fails on numerous occasions, access from that IP address is banned temporarily. This helps to prevent an attacker from connecting to your server.

If you choose to enable cPHulk, you may wish to add your IP address to the whitelist of cPHulk. This will prevent cPHulk from automatically adding your IP address to the list of blocked IP addresses.

Start by searching for cPHulk in the upper left search box. Simply enter 'cphulk' into the search box:


Click on the cPHulk link. This will bring you to the cPHulk page. Click on the White/Black List Management tab:



Finally, enter your PC's IP address into the whitelist text box. For best result, please ensure that your PC has a static IP address. If you need further assistance, please consult with your ISP.


Enter your IP address, and click 'Quick Add'.


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