Initially configuring WHM

Expertise level: Easy

When you first log into WHM, you will see the Basic cPanel/WHM Setup.

The setup screen asks you for basic information necessary to set up your server, including different sections for emergency contacts in the case of server outages or global settings related to your hosting account.

In the cPanel/WHM setup page, there are several sub-sections. Enter as much information as possible. After you have filled out the page, scroll to the bottom and click "Save".

Your Contact Information: There are a number of different fields where you can enter your email address, AIM ID, or other forms of contact. This is how your server will contact you in the case of automatic updates or notifications.

cPanel Main Settings: There are a number of fields where you can select the Default cPanel Theme, Default Home Directory, Home Directory Prefix, and so on. Ensure this information is as accurate as possible - refer to the description in WHM to learn more about these values.

Name Server and other DNS Information: In this section, you can enter information regarding name servers used for DNS setup. There are options for adding entries and assigning IP addresses for your name servers.

CGI Script Alias: The CGI Script Alias entry is to specify the cgi-bin directory under public_html as a script directory. This option should be kept enabled in order to allow your web hosting accounts the ability to run cgi scripts.

Apache Access Log Style: There are two styles of access logs available from Apache: access and combined. Combined is recommended, as it contains more information, which can help in tracing server intrusions.


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