Managing parked domains in WHM and cPanel

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A parked domain is not currently active or hosting its own content. Instead, a parked domain simply displays the content of a different domain. For example, can be parked on top of A visitor would be able to visit and see all the same content, while never knowing that the main domain is

Note that this is different from an add-on domain, which is an extra website managed by a single cPanel account. In the case of a parked domain, there is only one website, with multiple domains.

Manage Parked Domains in WHM

Start by logging into WHM as root.

In the upper left search box, search for "Park a Domain". Click on the menu item that appears.


In the new page that opens, you will be able to enter or select the domain on which you wish to park. This is the domain that visitors will see when they visit the parked domain. In the empty text field to the right, you will be able to enter the name of the parked domain.


Example: If you own an active domain, such as and you have also purchased, but you wish for it to point to In this example, you would enter in the field to the left, and to the right.

Don't for get to click on "Submit" once you have completed entering the domain names.

Manage Parked Domains in cPanel

Start by logging into the relevant cPanel account.

Scroll down until you find the "Domains" menu, and click on "Parked Domains".


Once you have clicked on "Parked Domains", simply enter the domain name to be parked into the text field:


Click on "Add Domain", and the domain will be successfully parked.


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