Enabling suPHP and suExec or mod_ruid2

Expertise level: Medium

cPanel & WHM version 11.40

Enabling suPHP and suEXEC or mod_ruid2 will improve process accounting across your system. Ultimately, this will allow you to know which users are running which processes system-wide. 

  • suPHP — This Apache module forces PHP applications to run as the cPanel account user. You can enable suPHP at Home >> Service Configuration >> Configure PHPand SuExec. You will need to enable suPHP for whichever version of PHP you intend to use.
  • suEXEC — This Apache feature forces CGI applications to run as the cPanel account user. You can enable suEXEC at Home >> Service Configuration >> Configure PHPand SuExec.
  • mod_ruid2 —mod_ruid2 is a different suEXEC module for Apache. This module will also force CGI applications to run as the cPanel account user. This module attempts to provide some performance enhancements over Apache's default suEXEC configuration by taking advantage of some POSIX.1e capabilities.



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