Logging into Plesk as an administrator

Expertise level: Easy

1) Before logging into Plesk, go to https://<hostname>:8443/

2) Enter your administrator username and password.


3) If you'd like to change the interface language, use this drop-down menu.


 Depending on the language packs your server has installed, you may see different choices. We're going to keep the default for this tutorial.

4) Select Log In.


You are now logged in to your account and can mange all the various aspects of your administrative account.


For an overview of the most important features in Plesk, check out the following tutorial, "Getting Started with Parallels Plesk Panel 10."

5) When finished using the admin panel, be sure to log out to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access.


Now that you know how to log in and out of Plesk, continue to the next tutorial to become familiar with the interface.


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