Customizing DNS zone configuration for your domain

This tutorial assumes that you have already logged in to Plesk.

1) Click Web Site group link here.



2) Then click DNS Settings.

This is the main DNS page where you can add, modify and delete DNS zones to/from your account.



Be careful if you are not familiar with managing DNS zones...for the most part, Plesk manages them for you, but if necessary you may apply the required changes through this interface.

Here is the complete list of all DNS records for the account that we're managing.

Let's see a quick example of how a new DNS record can be added to and removed from your account.

3) Click Add Record icon here.



4) Let's choose a record type here.



We're going to add an alternative IP address for the selected let's choose A record type.

5) Enter the appropriate IP address here.



6) Click OK when finished.

Here is the new record that we just added.



7) Click Update to apply the changes to DNS zone.



Now the changes have been applied and updated...but we're not going to keep this new DNS record.

Let's scroll down and see how to remove a DNS record.

8) Select the necessary DNS record here.



9) Then click Remove link.

10) Select the check box to confirm the removal.



11) Then click OK.

12) Click Update option again to apply the changes.



You can see that the new DNS record has been successfully removed.



This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage DNS zones in Plesk. Remember that you will rarely (if ever) have to manage any DNS zones, but if you do, make sure you understand what you're doing before proceeding.




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