Creating a custom button in Plesk

This tutorial assumes that you have already logged in to Plesk.

Now let's learn how to create custom buttons in Plesk.

1) Scroll down to Additional Tools group.



2) Click Custom Buttons icon here.



3) Click Create Custom Button.



Here is the page where you can set up your own custom buttons inPlesk...buttons for your own Plesk control panel, and/or for your customers.



You can create custom buttons to act as quick links to other commonly visited URLs.

4) Let's add a new custom button to our control panel and specify its label here.



5) You can choose to have the new button displayed in the domain's owner homepage, the client's homepage, or on your control panel home, or navigation pane.



The priority level defines the order in which the new button will be displayed...if you have more than one custom button, the one with the smaller priority number will be displayed first.

You can locate and upload a custom button graphics for this new link, otherwise a standard button image will be used.



6) Now specify the URL a user will be directed to after clicking the new button.



7) Enter the text that will be displayed in the help window after a user hovers over the new button.



8) Check here if you want the new button available to all your customers.



9) When done click Finish.

The new custom button has been successfully let's see how it is displayed in the home page.



10) Click Home link here.

Scroll down.



Success! Here it is!



This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to create the new custom buttons in Plesk, to be displayed and available for you and your customers.



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