Confirming your version of Plesk (8,9,10,11)

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To confirm your version of Plesk, follow these steps:

Plesk 8

1) Log in to Plesk using URL https://server_ip:8443/.
2) Click on Desktop if not already selected when loading the panel interface.
3) You can visualize your Plesk Control Panel version as shown in the screen capture attached below:



Plesk 9x & 10x

The version information can be found in the Plesk Control Panel on the Component Management page.

In Parallels Plesk Panel 10.x, the version and build information can be found on the System Statistics page (Home -> Tools & Utilities -> Server information).

You can also log into the server and read the version information located in the file "version."

Parallels Plesk Panel for Linux

Version information can be found in the file "$PRODUCT_ROOT_D/version."

# cat /usr/local/psa/version 9.5.2 CentOS 5 95100504.10

The output shows the Parallels Plesk Panel version, OS and build number. In this example, the version is 9.5.2. The operating system is Centos 5, and the build number is 95100504.10.

Parallels Plesk Panel for Windows

Version information is located in the file "%pkesk_bin%\version." Open this file with any text viewer.
> type "%plesk_dir%\version"9.5.2 Windows 2003/2008 20100505.14 


Plesk 11

Log into Plesk and look at the top of your browser window or the browser tab. The Plesk version is shown as the title of every Plesk page.

The home page of your Plesk panel also provides this information.



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