MS SQL Server 2012 Licensing

As of January 2013, MS SQL 2012 licensing requirements are evolving to meet the needs of increased Cloud Server popularity.  The new model is based on a per-core plan, evolving away from a per-socket plan. 

IMPORTANT: Customers requiring MS SQL for virtual instances must contact a sales representative to ensure adequate licensing is in place:

Here are some facts to consider when choosing your plan:

Physical server licensing 

  • Licenses are required for all physical cores on hardware.
  • There is a minimum of four cores per processor.
  • Unlimited virtualization is available with Enterprise Edition.

Virtual machine licensing 

  • Licenses are required for virtual cores.
  • There is a minimum of four virtual cores per virtual machine (Cloud Server).

Important facts

  • Licenses are sold in packs. Each pack includes two core licenses (two-core pack).
  • Enterprise Edition grants unlimited virtualisation instances.
  • Datacenter Edition is discontinued and all the features are now included in the Enterprise Edition.
  • Workgroup Edition is discontinued and replaced by the Standard Edition.
  • If your Virtual Machine has only two virtual cores, a minimum of four core licences will be billed.

Which edition is right for you? Read more on Microsoft's website:

Please speak to an iWeb sales associate for pricing:


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