Smart Firewall User Guide

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Firewall Activation

This section will explain in detail how to activate the Smart firewall in your Control Center. The Smart firewall is one of the several advantages of the SuperSmart option and when you activate the Smart firewall in your Control Center it will also automatically activate the SuperSmart since it requires it to function. Therefore not only will you get the Smart firewall but also the following advantages :

• 2x the amount of public (WAN) bandwidth
• Unlimited local (LAN) bandwidth
• 10x faster LAN speed (1Gbps)
• Smart firewall

Note : The SuperSmart option cost is $20/month

Activating your Smart firewall

1. In the internet browser of your choice, open the website

2. Enter your username and password


3. Click on “Submit”

You should now be in your Control Center.

1. Now that your are in your Control Center, click on the server you wish to active the Smart firewall on.


2. Click on the "Smart Services" tab.

3. Click on the tab "Manage Firewall Rulesets".

4. Change the Firewall State to "Enabled".


5. Click on “Save”

Firewall Configuration

Manage your firewall rulesets

Now that the Smart firewall is activated you can start configuring your firewall directly from your Control Center.

1. Click on the tab "Manage Firewall Rulesets".


2. Click on the “Disabled” state and select “Enabled”.

3. Now, in order to help you configure your firewall quickly, the interface includes two ruleset types:

   a) Default

   b) cPanel

   These two rulesets are useful in making sure that you opened all the necessary ports on your Smart server.

4. Go to the next page to find out how to add or remove rules within those two rulesets. Once you change a ruleset, by adding or removing a rule, the ruleset name will change to “Custom”.

To add a rule you have two options at your disposal:

Add Service

This option allow you to add a rule for a specific service (ex. http, dns, mysql, ssh).


1. Choose one or more services for which you wish to add a rule.

2. Click on "Save".

3. Now, your rule should be in the ruleset. By default, the rule will be at “Allow”.

4. In order to refuse traffic for that rule simply click on "Allow" and the state will change to "Deny".

Add Rule

This option allow you to add a rule for one or more ports (ex. 5666, 100-2000).


1. Click on "Allow" and choose “Allow” or “Deny” depending on whether or not you wish to allow traffic for this rule.

2. In the 1st text field enter a name to assign to this rule.

3. In the 2nd text field the port. You can specify a single port or a range of ports using a “-” to separate the range (ex.2000-3000). Note that valid ports are from 1 to 65535.

4. Now, click on "TCP" and choose the protocol which can be either TCP, UPD, or TCP/UDP.

5. To confirm you wish to add the rule click on smart12.png and then click on "Save".


1. Can I activate the Smart firewall without activating the SuperSmart?

No. The Smart firewall cannot function without activating the SuperSmart.

2. Can I see the Smart firewall rules directly on my Smart server ?

No. The rules you add within your Smart firewall are added directly on the SmartLayer of your Smart server therefore they will be invisible on your server.

3. Can I manually configure my regular firewall directly on my Smart server if I activate the Smart firewall in my control center?

Yes. You can still configure a regular firewall (ex. iptables) on your Smart Server however there might be incompatibilities if you setup conflicting rules as both firewalls are unaware of each other.

For example, if in your Smart firewall you add a rule to allow traffic on port 80 and on your regular firewall you add a rule to deny the same traffic, in this case the regular firewall rule will take precedence and the traffic will not be allowed.

3. Can I add or remove a type of ruleset ?

No. For now the available type of rulesets are “Default” and “cPanel”. If you modify a type of ruleset the name will change to “Custom”

4. Is there a limit on the number of rules I can add ?

No. There is no limit to the amount of rules you can add to your Smart firewall.

5. Will I lose all the rules I added if I deactivate my Smart firewall ?

Yes. If you deactivate your Smart firewall you will lose any rules you added.

6. Can I manage the Smart firewall of all my Smart servers at the same time ?

No. Each Smart server has its own interface and they must be configured individually.




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