Smart Groups User Guide

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Here is a video tutorial for the Smart Server group functionality.


Smart Server groups can be used to create a private LAN.  The group of Smart Servers will be isolated from the data centre, therefore making it impossible for other equipment to access the servers through your LAN IP. 


1. From the Control Center, choose one of the servers for the Smart Group you want to create. 

2. Click on the 'Smart Services' tab and confirm that the SUPERSMART option is activated for each of the servers to be added to the group.

3. Click on the ' My Smart Group' management tab.

4. To create a Smart Group, drag and drop the server to the top of the Smart Group administrative panel or click on the centre green button.

5. Repeat the process for each additional server you wish to add to the group. 

6. Click on 'Save Group' to confirm the Smart Group. 

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