Smart Servers: Introduction

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The Smart Layer

Your new Smart Server is powered by Smart Layer, a new server provisioning technology developed by iWeb. 

This is the first stable release (1.0) of iWeb's new Dedicated Server provisioning platform called Smart Layer. Smart Layer is a software that enables datacenter automation & virtualization. The first version of Smart Layer is the result of a tremendous development effort by a product team.


The concept behind Smart Layer & Smart Servers

Smart Layer is meant to abstract the physical layer from the datacenter enabling automated provisioning of different aspects of the datacenter from network and switches to power and servers. It is meant to bring cloud flexibility to real hardware-based dedicated servers.

As stated on our website, a small amount of RAM is reserved for the Smart Layer system.

RAM Smart Layer
2 GB 0.5 GB
4 GB 0.6 GB
6 GB 0.7 GB
8 GB 0.8 GB
12 GB  0.8 GB
24 GB  1.1 GB

Datacenter automation is made possible through three modules of the Smart Layer software, the modules are called:

  • The Smart Layer Orchestrator
  • The Smart Layer Services
  • The Smart Layer OS

Smart Servers, powered by the Smart Layer

A Smart Server is a new generation of dedicated servers bringing cloud computing advantages to the dedicated server and eliminating cloud computing's resource limitations. Customers buy and use a Smart Server the same way they would have bought a classic Dedicated Server except that the Smart Layer OS sits between the physical server hardware and the Smart Server.

In fact, a Smart Server is a Virtual Machine residing inside the Smart Layer OS, on a single piece of server hardware, and using 100% of the physical server resources. There is always only one Smart Server per physical server making the product very similar to classic dedicated servers.


The Smart Layer Orchestrator

The Smart Layer Orchestrator manages and assigns server inventories and manages the links between the datacenter and the servers.


  • Datacenter space availability management, creation and assignation.
  • Adding a server in the available server pool.
  • Physical server specifications management.
  • Links server availability with the online order process.
  • Power outlet (PDU) availability, assignation and control.
  • WAN Network availability, assignation and control.
  • LAN Network availability, assignation and control.
  • Smart Layer OS and agent deployment to prepare for Smart Server provisioning.
  • VLAN, IP addresses and MAC addresses management, assignation and control.
  • Server to server migration base linking functionalities.

The Smart Layer Services

The Smart Layer Services allow for communication between the Orchestrator and the Smart Layer OS and Agent.


  • Smart Server OS Installation, Reload and Reinstallation.
  • Support for CentOS deployment (64 bits)
  • Support for Debian deployment (64 bits)
  • Support for Ubuntu deployment (64 bits)
  • Support for cPanel deployment with CentOS
  • Service for enabling and disabling WAN Network
  • Service for enabling and disabling LAN Network
  • Service for power reboot (physical server)
  • Idera/R1Soft Server Backups control.
  • Smart Group management
  • Virtual Console access:


Smart Layer OS

The Smart Layer OS resides on a flash memory data storage from which the physical server boots every time it is powered on. Smart Layer OS runs Xen® and enables for the creation of the Smart Server. A single Smart Server resides inside the OS.


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