Easy Migration of a Smart Server

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NOTE: Instructions in this article can be used for upgrading RAM on a Smart Server purchased on February 14, 2013 or later. 

Thanks to Smart Layer, your server environment is hardware-independent which means it can be easily migrated from one dedicated server to another with nothing to worry about. Benefits of this technology include: 

  • Reinstallation is not needed for migration. All data, configurations and public IP addresses are seamlessly transferred.
  • All public IP addresses remain the same after an Easy Migration.
  • The procedure requires minimal server downtime (approximately 30 minutes).
  • Ability to upgrade and take advantage of promotional pricing as often as you like.

To physically migrate (Easy Migration), first access the Control Center and make sure you are logged in. Then, follow the following steps: 

1. Click on the Smart Server on which the physical migration will occur



2. Click on the Hardware tabulation



3. Click on the Easy Migration accordion



4. Click, hold and drag the horizontal scroll bar to the desired server



5. Click on the desired physical server



6. Click on the Select button



7. Click on the Confirm button



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