Reinitialize the Smart Layer of a Smart Server

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Here is the procedure to reinitialize the Smart Layer layer of your Smart Server. The reinitialization will allow you to restart your server Smart with the latest version of the Smart Layer.


  • Smart Servers take approximately 20 minutes to fully reboot. If your server is not back online after 25 minutes, please contact Customer Service.
  • Verify all necessary services (Apache, IIS, MySQL, etc.) are configured to start on server boot.
  • Ensure you have up-to-date server images and file-level backups enabled, and confirm that you have backups of all critical data.
  • Confirm that any unsaved changes, such as firewall rules and application configurations, are indeed saved.

1- Log in to the Control Center:




2- Select the server for which you want to reinitialize the Smart Layer




3- Click the "Server Admin" tab at the top of the Control Center 




4- Click on the "Power Management" button




5- Choose the action "Re-initialize Smart Layer" from the drop down menu and then click on "Select"



6- Click on "Confirm"

If you have multiple Smart Servers, you must repeat these steps on each server.


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