Resetting your cloud server password (Ubuntu)

This procedure is also available for CentOS users

iWeb technical support does not maintain a record of your user admin password. We recommend memorizing your password since keeping a written or electronic copy can leave you vulnerable to fraud or malicious activity. A reset option is available should you forget or misplace your password. Follow these simple steps: 

NOTE: While resetting your password, your server will appear offline during the reboot. All online services and functions will be offline for a short period of time. 

1. Log into your account at

2. Select your server.


3. Click on "Console" in the network section. This will open a new tab with a command prompt window which you will use to boot the server in single user mode and reset the password.


4. Go back to the Control Center (don't close the new console tab) and select the "Restart" option.


5. Then, very quickly, go back to the console tab in your browser to will see the operating system shutting down. Once it's shut down, you will be disconnected from the console and you will have to refresh the page in your browser very quickly.

6. While it's booting, hold down the Shift key to enter the grub menu.   

7. Then, press 'e' to edit the boot line.


8. Place your cursor on the kernel and replace everything that follows UUID with: "rw single init=/bin/bash"8.


9. Press CTRL-X to start the kernel in single user mode. 

10. Following the usual boot message, you will see a shell root (no password prompt), simply enter the command: 'passwd' to modify the root user password. 

You cannot perform a copy-paste in the virtual console but you can enter a basic password and connect using SSH to enter a more secure password (see step 12). 

11. Enter the command 'reboot' to restart the server. Your password has now been reset. 

12. Connect to the virtual machine using SSH and modify your password for a more secure version. Information:

13. Watch it boot and then when it completes, change your root password using the 'passwd' command.


14. Reboot your operating system using the 'reboot' command. If you are using Ubuntu 13.10, you will need to restart from the Control Center interface.

15. Close the console window and connect with an SSH client with your newly set password! Don't forget it this time :) 


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