Live Cloning a Cloud Server

Expertise level: Easy

Live cloning a cloud server is a practical function that can be done easily in the iWeb Control Center. The clone will have identical specs and data and be billed at the same hourly price as the original.

Prior to using this feature make sure it is available on your server: Live Cloning and Volume Snapshot availability

Follow these steps to create a Live Clone of your cloud server: 

1. Log into your account at

2. Select the cloud server you wish to clone.


3. Click the 'Clone' icon.


4. Enter the name (example and click the checkmark. 


5. Done! The new clone will appear in your list of servers. 


NOTE for Windows users: The Operating System licence will be automatically created and billed and the clone will have a unique IP address. All services linked to the existing IP address will need to be connected to the new IP address to remain functional. The Windows Administrator Account and associated data will not be replicated over to the new cloned machine. 

Final steps for Windows users: Activating a cloned Windows server


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