Creating a Volume Snapshot

Expertise level: Easy

Volume Snapshots offer a lot of flexibility. They can be used for:

  • Horizontal scaling: Rapid deployment of multiple cloud servers based on existing "golden" volumes.
  • Full bare metal backup: A cloud server can be created from an existing volume snapshot in order to extract backed up data.
  • Volume parking: A snapshot can be created before deleting a cloud server to keep data without paying for a complete cloud server. 

Prior to using this feature make sure it is available on your server: Live Cloning and Volume Snapshot availability

1. Log into your account at and select your cloud server.


2. Go to the Volume Snapshot tab and click Create. 

3. Give a name to your volume snapshot and click the checkmark icon. 

4. The snapshot will be stored under the Volume Management tab (on the left under Cloud Servers).


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