Live Cloning and Volume Snapshot availability

iWeb cloud servers offer easy-to-use and practical functionalities of Live Cloning and Volume Snapshots. These features allow you to quickly deploy a new server with existing data and specs, perform a bare-metal backup within minutes and park your data without paying for the processor or RAM. The two functionalities are included in all Cloud servers deployed on or after: March 2014

If the options are grayed out and unavailable for you to click on, your server was purchased prior to these features becoming available. If you need these functions iWeb recommends migrating your existing Cloud server to a new one and then shutting down the original. Follow these steps: 

1) Deploy a new cloud server 

2) Migrate the data from your existing Cloud to your newly deployed server. If you require assistance, contact Customer Service (some fees may apply).

3) Delete your old cloud.

NOTE: Your new server will be deployed with a new IP address. Services or software connected to your former IP will need to be updated with the new IP. 




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