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Your web servers are configured in a way that the folder '/home/www' will be replicated from Web1 to the other web servers using an rSync script located in '/sbin/sync.sh'. Afterward, you must use '/home/www' for your website files. The file synchronization script is run every 5 minutes. You may at any time force the synchronization by executing the following command via SSH as root:

sh /sbin/sync.sh

Note: This system does not replicate your Apache configuration. If you want to modify the Apache configuration, you will need to do it on all the web servers within the cluster. Most of the configurations can be done by editing the .htaccess file in your home folder. As for the creation of new domains, by default, no Apache configuration is required because Apache is configured with a directive that will automatically fetch the websites from '/home/www'. Therefore, to create new sites, you must execute the following operations via SSH as root from the Web1 server:

ln -s /home/www/domain.com /home/www/www.domain.com

Then, simply upload the files in the newly created folder '/home/www/domain.com'.

Note: If you have chosen to go with an NFS DRBD server, please refer to the NFS DRBD Servers section for more details about it.


In this setup, the IIS configuration is replicated automatically on all the web servers using a DFS namespace, you can change the IIS configuration on any web server and it will be replicated automatically on all of them.

Using the same technologies, all of your web servers are a part of the namespace. In most cases, the share will be in c:/share in all web servers and whatever will be stored in this directory will be replicated .near real time. to all of the other web servers. Because of this behavior, when you create a
website in IIS, you will need to point it to the home directory under c:/share. For example:



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