NFS Servers

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Single Network File Servers (NFS)
In NFS server configurations the folder '/data' is exported from the server. On the web servers side, the NFS volume '/data' is mounted on the '/home/www' folder. If these default settings do not fit your needs, iWeb can apply modifications to the configuration. Example: if you require more than one
NFS volume, contact us to apply the necessary corrections.

NFS Distributed Replicated Block Devic (DRBD) Servers
If you have a pair of NFS servers, that are being replicated using DRBD, only one of the two servers is active at a time. The active server has a mounted DRBD partition in '/data' and the NFS service started. The secondary server (passive) must never have any of these properties so it is critical to be attentive during any operation on these servers.

To determine which server is active, use the following command:

drbdadm state r0

This command will return either "Primary/Secondary" which means the current server is Primary/Active or Secondary/Primary which means the current server is Secondary/Passive. If the primary NFS server goes down for any reason, the Secondary NFS server will take its place. An alert will be sent to our system administrators to investigate the issue.


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