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iWeb has a monitoring service that is configured for your servers to notify us of any problems that allows us to react immeadiately. By default, we configure and monitor: PING, HTTP and DRBD (if applicable). If you wish to have more service checks, please contact us through your Customer Hub or Control Center. The recipients for these alerts are designated contacts in your iWeb account. 

Third party monitoring
You can use third party monitoring systems as a secondary solution. In case of a major failure on our part, alerts may not reach you. In that case, an outage report will be posted on our System Status and Twitter feed (@iwebstatus).

The third party monitoring should only be considered as a confirmation of an incident. If you only received an alert from the third party system but not from iWeb's system, this means that everything is working fine. There could be a connectivity problem from the third party company or the Internet route they are using failed to deliver the checks. Because iWeb does not have any control on the networks between the third party system and iWeb's network, we cannot rely on any third party monitoring to acknowledge a service interruption from their behalf.


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