Troubleshooting R1Soft errors

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Several factors may cause backup errors (firewalls, quota allocation, agent etc.). Error messages can be confirmed through your iWeb account or if you receive an email:



iWeb account


To begin troubleshooting, follow these steps: 

1. Log into your account at and select your server. 

2. Smart Server accounts will be directed to the Control Center; go to the Backup management tab and select 'Open' to access the R1Soft interface. For Dedicated servers, you will be directed to the Customer Hub, click on the Cloud backup management link.


3. Connect to R1Soft with your password and go to the 'Servers & Policies tab. Click on the 'Failed' policy (number). 


4. Click on the 'Detail' icon.



5. The failed backup information will be available in the Alerts. Three possible fixes are available, depending on the error:

6. Once you have eliminated the issue, confirm your backups are running properly by repeating steps 1 through 4.

7. Click on the failed policy and 'RUN NOW' (blue forward icon). 


 8. The policy should run immediately and within a few minutes you should see the successful log.



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