Sending Copyright & Trademark infringement notices to iWeb

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If you believe that an iWeb customer is duplicating your intellectual property, you can send us a copyright infringement notice.

Email is the quickest and most efficient way to contact

Or you can send it to:

20 Place du commerce
Nuns' Island, Quebec
H3E 1Z6

The notice must contain the following information to be valid:

  • State the claimant’s name and address and any other particulars that enable communication with the claimant;
  • Identify the work or other subject-matter to which the claimed infringement relates;
  • State the claimant’s interest or rights with respect to copyright of the work or other subject-matter;
  • Specify the location data for the electronic location to which the claimed infringement relates;
  • Specify the infringement that is claimed;
  • Specify the date and time of the commission of the claimed infringement;
  • Any other information that may be useful to manage the case.

For quicker processing time, the email subject must contain one of the following keywords: [Copyright], [DMCA], [infringement notice]

Our actions and first steps involve contacting the server owner, verifying if they are aware of the situation and seek their collaboration in resolving the issue. 

Note that iWeb cannot rule in favour of one party or the other in many cases like copyright violation or other similar issues.

As part of a second step, we will communicate with you in order to confirm that the notice has indeed been sent to the server owner. In order for us to be able to send you this information, the infringement notice must be sent to us from a mailing address or a valid email address to which we are able to reply. For example, we would be unable to communicate with you if your notice is sent from a no-reply email address.


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