Complying with IETF standards and managing security incidents on your website and server

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Whether you are a reseller seeking to protect your reputation or a webmaster protecting data and content, it is important to stay current with regards to security incidents that impact websites and learn how to react quickly. This is the responsibility of server owners, account administrators and web masters.

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) has released RFC 2142 since 1997 and requests that any organization providing internet service maintain a valid email address for contact about abuse. The standard contact address should use the domain name.


More information is available on the IETF's website:

iWeb encourages all customers, including hosting companies, shared-hosting companies and website owners to manage complaints sent to their abuse contact in order to comply with RFC 2142.

We also invite our customers to provide a technical contact in their domain's whois information and define a reverse DNS (PTR) to each IP of their server. An example of the reverse DNS value can be the main domain of the server.

Refer RFC 1912 Section 2.1 for more information:

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