Subscribing to Microsoft JMRP and SNDS


This article explains Microsoft’s JMRP (Junk Mail Reporting Partner Program) and SNDS (Smart Network Data Services), as well as the means to subscribe.

What is JMRP?

The JMRP (Junk Mail Reporting Partner Program) by Microsoft Hotmail/Outlook is a junk mail reporting service developed for commercial email senders and administrators who use an SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) service. It provides reports on emails sent from a server and marked as junk by Hotmail clients. Tracking user complaints can help to identify sources of junk mail or to detect a potentially hacked account that is generating spam.

What is SNDS?

SNDS (Smart Network Data Services) allows a subscriber to access data on the email traffic that it sends to Hotmail/Outlook (e.g., volume of emails sent, number of complaints, etc.) via an online interface, for each of its IP addresses.

Following the migration of Hotmail to Outlook, Microsoft merged JMRP and SNDS in the same interface.

Subscribing to JMRP/SNDS (client):

- To subscribe for free, simply create a JMRP/SNDS account at:

- Once your account has been activated, fill out the following form:

  • Company name:  
  • Contact email address:   (A valid email address at which Microsoft can contact you)
  • Complaint feedback email address: (A valid email address at which you will receive complaints about spam)

 - Then, add your IP addresses in the “IP address or range” section

When you click on “Add New Network,” you will be asked to select a contact email address for your ISP to authorize the request. You must select abuse @

Authorization Status
Needs authorization. Send authorization mail to:

- Once the information has been filled out, click “Begin Setup” to submit the request. Microsoft will send you an email and send a second email to iWeb.


Confirmation of subscription (client):

You will receive an email with the subject “SNDS-JMRP Contract” from Microsoft containing a subscription contract, which you must sign electronically.

You must then contact our support ( department so that we can make the necessary confirmations with the ISP.

Once all necessary confirmations have been obtained, the subscription to JMRP/SNDS will be completed.




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