Guide to Objectionable Content

Issue Description

Some types of content or activity are not necessarily illegal in the jurisdiction it is hosted but is still considered objectionable material.  While the content may or may not be illegal it is at iWeb's sole discretion whether or not to permit the material or activity on its network.  

  • Threatening harm to persons or property or otherwise engaging in harassing behavior.
  • Publishing someone's personal information without permission.
  • Publishing material that may be against the law in another jurisdiction.

Specific Examples

While the publishing of someone's personal information, who is not already in the public eye, will not likely be permitted the publishing of information about a particular public figure may be permitted so long as the information published is done lawfully.  The threat of violence will never be permitted as well as other forms or harassment (such as attempting to cause someone to lose employment).  Publishing material that is objectionable in another country but not considered illegal in Canada or the United States will not likely be reason for forceable takedown of that material.

Recommended Resolution

In most cases the removal of the material or putting a stop of the activity is sufficient to resolve the issue.  You must also take action to avoid it happening in the future if possible as well.  In some cases iWeb does not require you to remove the material and the notice is for your information only but removal will not be enforced.  Please ask if you are unsure.

If you are unwilling to remove the material or put a stop to the activity reported to you please request that iWeb review the report and provide a decision.  Once the decision is made you will be required to conform or risk suspension.  The removal of any material or activity is at iWeb's sole discretion based on other business related factors that may or may not be in accordance with only the law. 


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