Configuring Login Protect for Incapsula

iWeb has partnered with leading provider Incapsula to offer Login Protection to our clients.

A recent study showed that 90 percent of user-generated passwords are vulnerable to hacking. This means hackers easily enter websites and web applications through login pages.  

When it comes to the most sensitive login pages, traditional password protection is simply not enough. Login Protect adds a crucial layer of security to login pages, enabling a two-factor authentication, seamlessly and simply.

Two-factor authentication means that, in addition to their standard usernames and passwords, users entering sensitive login pages are required to provide a one-use, time-limited code –received in real time via SMS, email or Google Authenticator. This additional layer of authentication uses something the user knows—a password—and something they have—a physical device such as a phone, access to an email account, etc.

Uniquely, Login Protect enables clients to set up an additional layer of authentication for any URL with no overhead, no special equipment, and no learning curve.

Learn more about this service and how to configure it here:


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