Content Delivery Network & Optimization

The Content Delivery Network (CDN) and Optimization service caches web site content on proxies to return resources faster to users and reduce page load time, bandwidth and server load. Incapsula does not only cache static content but can also identify content dynamically generated by the application, which can be cached while it remains unchanged. The benefits are very attractive to online businesses: 

  • A large network of data centers ensures content is always delivered from a data center close to your user.
  • Application-aware CDN for Full Site Acceleration (static and dynamic content caching).
  • Dynamic profiling and frequency analysis ensure that most frequently accessed resources are served directly from physical memory, completely bypassing the file system and other generic mechanisms (such as buffer-cache).
  • Application-aware traffic analysis technologies, developed for security services, maximize cacheable content.
  • Sophisticated content and networking optimization to minimize latency.
  • Websites using Incapsula's CDN are, on average, 50% faster and consume 40-70% less bandwidth.
  • Activated by simple DNS change - no hardware or software installation, integration or changes to the website.

The Incapsula service has a distributed network of data centers (POP) that ensures every user and website are serviced by the closest POP. This is the same principal technology that is used by most large websites to accelerate the delivery of their content through a CDN. Furthermore, Incapsula will make your site run faster and consume less computing and bandwidth resources by caching site data and applying other acceleration techniques.


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