Configuring Incapsula

Expertise level: Easy

No downtime is needed to configure Incapsula! Once your order is placed with iWeb you will have access to the portal: From there you will have instructions on how to:

  • Submit your domain - SSL (HTTPS) sites can also be included.
  • Make DNS changes - When you add your site to Incapsula you receive a CNAME for your subdomains (www_dot_example_dot_com, blog_dot_example_dot_com) and an IP address for your top level domain (
  • Replace your exiting DNS entries for those domains with the entries you received from Incapsula. In order to make these changes, all you need to do is log into your DNS management console where the only change is the A record and CNAME in your DNS records. 

You can turn Incapsula off at any time. From the portal you can choose to disable and enable the service anytime you need. When Incapsula is disabled, visitors will not pass through its infrastructure and will reach your website directly.

Log into the customer portal for access:


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