Deploying a dedicated backup server (R1Soft)


If you have multiple servers or one large server, managing your backup needs on a dedicated server is a cost efficient way of protecting your data.

Aside from cost, benefits include: 

  • A separate agent for each server, allowing for custom settings.
  • Easy-to-use software; R1Soft Server Backup Manager
  • Compatible with cPanel.
  • Pre-configured or customizable solutions with hard drive and RAM upgrade options.
  • High-capacity efficiency.

Both iWeb clients and outside servers can benefit from iWeb's R1Soft dedicated backup solutions. Servers outside of the iWeb network can be backed up on an off-site, dedicated backup server.  

Choose from iWeb's pre-configured specs or customize your own at the bottom of this page:


Once your machine is purchased, iWeb customer service will contact you. Please be prepared to provide the following information: 

  • Ten-character ID or virtual machine IP of each server you wish to assign to the dedicated backup machine. 
  • The Operating System(s) and versions for each machine. 
  • Is MySQL or MSSQL installed on the client server(s)?
  • What are your preferred backup configurations (Frequency & Starting Time)

Our technical team will configure the client server(s) within iWeb's network to the backup server and confirm with you when everything is set up per your desired settings.  

External Servers (non iWeb Servers)

If you have external servers, please follow these instructions to install and configure the backup agents:


For each server configured to be backed up on the dedicated backup server, a separate R1Soft license needs to be purchased. There are two kinds of R1Soft licenses; Physical and Virtual:

  • Each iWeb Classic server or external bare-metal server requires a Physical R1Soft agent license. 
  • Each iWeb Smart server, iWeb Cloud server, or external cloud server requires a Virtual R1Soft agent license. 

Physical and Virtual licenses can be combined depending on your backup infrastructure needs. 

R1Soft has an educational video available with more information:

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