[Warning] Important requirements for Operating Systems to install the R1Soft agent

iWeb ensures that the installation of the R1Soft backup agent works on all the operating system versions we deliver.

The following warning is destined to customers who want to upgrade their Ubuntu server to version 14.10.

Because Ubuntu 14.10 kernel version requires a pre-built module, you must download the required package to keep you backup agent working and avoid any unexpected failure.   

These are the steps to follow:

1- Connect to your server (where the R1Soft / R1Soft agent is instatted) via SSH as root

2- Go to the following directory:

cd /lib/modules/r1soft

3- Download the pre-built module package: http://repo.r1soft.com/modules/Ubuntu_1410_x64/hcpdriver-cki-3.16.0-31-generic.x86_64.ko

wget http://repo.r1soft.com/modules/Ubuntu_1410_x64/hcpdriver-cki-3.16.0-31-generic.x86_64.ko

4- Restart the cdp-agent service to load the driver:

/etc/init.d/cdp-agent restart


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