Billing changes during server migration

iWeb's migration team will ensure your server migration goes smoothly, from technical details to appropriate billing changes. Here is a timeline of the account changes you can expect when migrating to a new iWeb server from your existing account: 

  • Migration order is received by iWeb.
  • iWeb will credit two weeks on the current account set for migration.
  • iWeb will set a new billing date for the old server and the client receive a new invoice shortly after. This prevents us from having to close the account prior to completing a migration.
  • Once the migration is complete, the client must contact iWeb Customer Support's CRM department to close of the old server and credit the final two-week adjustment invoice.
  • Failure to contact iWeb Customer Support CRM or cancelling the migration ensures that the old server remains online. The adjusted billing cycle will simply continue.  

Please contact Customer Support by opening a ticket. 


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