Installing Hyper-V and creating Virtual Switch on a regular Network Model

This tutorial will explain how to create a Virtual Switch in a Hyper-V Host under a classic network model.


  • You must have a KVM over IP or IPMI since we will completely reconfigure the network of the host
  • The server must be located under a Classic network model (not in a VPR)


Step 1 - Installing Hyper-V and Configuring vSwitches

  • Open Server Manager and under Manage, click Add Roles and Features


  • Once the Add Roles and Features Wizard opens, click next
  • Select Role-based or feature-based installation, click next
  • Select your server (should by default already be selected). click next
  • In the Roles list, click on Hyper-V
  • A menu will appear and click on Add Features


  • Click next for the Features
  • In the Hyper-V Click next until you get to Virtual Switches


  • Select both adapters and click next. This will create a vSwitch for each selected interface.
  • Click next for Migration (can be configured later on if needed)
  • In Default Stores, select the location of the VHDs and VM Configs you want


  • Click Install and wait for the install to complete then reboot the server

Configuring the Virtual Switch Manually

*** The following steps must be performed with a KVM over IP or IPMI ***

  • Open Hyper-V Manager, and click on Virtual Switch Manager
  • Create a new external Virtual Switch
  • This Virtual Switch will be used for your WAN traffic. In the connection type, make sure to select the WAN interface of the server


  • Do the same for your LAN (make sure to select your LAN interface)


Step 2 - Configuring IPs

  • Navigate to your Adapters Configurations
  • If you look at your Physical Interfaces properties, they should both only have "Microsoft LLDP Protocol Driver" and "Hyper-V Extensible Virtual Switch" selected


  • As for the newly created Virtual Switch, you will be able to configure IPV4 settings to configure the IPs


  • Select "Internal Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click on properties
  • Configure the IP settings accordingly


  • Repeat the same steps for your LAN vSwitch

Congratulations, you now have 2 functioning WAN and LAN vSwitches. You can now deploy VMs and assign the proper interface to configure the IP on this one.




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